Event planning for an outdoor event

We all know the stress that planning an event can bring on anyone, but it seems that more people these days are looking to test their skills in the eventing field, whether it be personal or professional there is a general dabbling in the orchestration and hosting of different events. Outdoor events bring a few unique challenges so make sure you look at the following points as part of your event planning.

Event Planning

Outdoor events require a little more forethought and intricate event planning than those done indoors, obviously there are those accessories and features that an indoor event has that you don’t even begin to think about when planning an event outdoor.

In your event planning:

Find your venue.

Decide on your date. Look around on the internet for event calendars and make sure you do not have conflicting events in your area.

Know the allowance limitations and what permissions you will need- if you need to get any permits or licenses it is best to figure this out and sort it out way in advance (think liquor licenses and noise permits). A legal glitch along the way is definitely not what you want.

Once you have settled on where it is and worked out the legalities of making it work look at what you have available to you so you can figure out what you will need.

Event Power – Are there enough power outlets for what you are looking to do? Do you need to run machinery, or lights, or even a full blown promotional display stand?

Toilets. Will you need to provide portable loos, and even if there are bathrooms, are there enough?

Covering. If the weather is cold or windy will you guests be able to shelter somewhere, will you need to hire a tent or canopy covering?

Heat. As an outdoor event moves into the evening it becomes colder, no matter what the season. So even if you have had a gorgeous day you will still need to provide a source of warmth as you move into the evening- fires, portable heaters, blankets, these all do the trick.

Safety control. So now that you’ve created the fires do you have all the safety gear you’ll need if you have to put it out? Should you have a medic on site?

Bins. Make sure you have enough rubbish bins dotted around so that people don’t have to go hunting to throw anything away.

Entertainment. How are you choosing to entertain your guests? Are you going to use a LED Display Screen? Are you going to have a live music stand? Do you have the power to run your entertainment?

Pest control. Don’t forget about the bugs. Bees and flies can always be an issue at outdoor events. Plan ahead by spraying or laying out catchers before the time, and then use whatever natural and aesthetically pleasing means you can to keep them at bay.

Make sure you have planned for all technical elements- sourcing the event equipment, using the equipment, getting your hired goods delivered, setting up lighting, sound etc. It is best to have an on-sight meeting with all parties involved beforehand so everyone can get an understanding and comprehensive view of what needs to be done.

Put everything down on paper and tick each priority off as you go along. Be sure to hire a professional for all the technical aspects of the event (engineering the sound if you have life music or a DJ, setting up the LED Screen and linking it to your video feed, setting up lighting, and so forth). Ask yourself what exactly you would want for an event production to be not only successful but beautiful, interesting, exciting and stimulating, and apply every single one of these thoughts to your own event planning.




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