Fashion Show Production Requirements:

If you are planning on putting on a fashion show there are a certain number of structural and planning requirements that you will have to put into place. The most conventional and practiced form of a fashion show is that of a Formal Fashion Show. This is where designers will display their apparel on models that walk up and down a runway (known as a catwalk) displaying whatever it is the designer has created for the show.


This kind of a show will generally last anywhere between half an hour to an hour and requires a large amount of planning in order to pull it off successfully. From the design side of things you will have to think about 1) what theme and atmosphere you would like to create for the event, 2) who is wearing what and what you would like to accesorise each outfit with, 3) how you are going to do hair and makeup to fit in with the theme of the event and 4) where you would like the event to be setup and held.


From a production side of things there is even more to consider. The stage and structural setup of a fashion event can be elaborate or small but either way you are trying to create a centre stage and focus point for people to look at and be interested in. So you have to make it as exciting and creative as you can (according to the theme and style of clothing you are presenting).


You will need:


–       A stage structure or raised platform for the models to walk on. You do not want your models to be walking level to the people who are viewing the show because many of them may not be able to see what is going on, therefore you need a raised platform to give the models and the clothing they are displaying the best exposure possible.

–       Lighting that suits the event and makes everything far more visible to the audience. These can mean a series of lights, such as uplights, moving lights and spotlights. It all depends on how you wish you illuminate your show and create focus on each model.

–       Sound: your sound can either be a live music setup or a DJ setup, either way you will have to have the right speakers, cabling and equipment to pull this off. This is a form of production so sound is an essential element to completing the event and making it as wholesome as possible.

–       Some people choose not to have any scenery or prop development, however they can add a new dimension and sense of interest to your event. The most important thing about this is to make it suit the theme you have settled upon. This means you can opt for something simple like white draping and blue lighting if you have a nautical theme, or you can go more elaborate and place ornamental pieces along the sides of the runway (like vines or flowering if your theme is nature based).


Developing and producing this form of a fashion show is no easy task, but with the right planning and the right production team on your side you will be able to pull it off professionally and successfully.

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