LED screen rental / LED screen hire – Factors to consider

LED screens are becoming more and more popular at all kinds of events. Unfortunately the cost of the LED screens is still a limiting factor and because of this it makes sense to look at rather doing an LED screen rental for your event. Because this a relatively new type of event equipment a lot of event companies do not know what to look for when renting an LED screen. Virtual Productions have gained substantial industry experience with LED screen rental and in order to help our customers we decided to list a few of the key factors that you have to keep in mind when you decide to hire an LED screen.

LED screen rental

Indoor or outdoor events

The first thing to consider when doing an LED screen rental is whether the event is indoor or outdoor. The LED screens that you hire for outdoor events needs to be waterproof and for this reason they are usually more expensive to build and also to maintain. To hire an outdoor LED screen for an indoor event can therefore be more costly. On the other side, if you hire an indoor LED screen for an outdoor event the screen might not be bright enough and can be damaged if it gets wet. This might not be a problem as you do not own the hardware but it can seriously impact the visual effects and overall event satisfaction.


Distance from the LED screen

The LED screens made today comes in a variety of resolutions. The better the resolution the closer the audience can be to the LED screen when the event is in progress. Unfortunately the higher resolution screens are more expensive and for this reason it is a fine balance between the LED resolution that you will hire and the price you will pay for the rental LED screen. For outdoor screens the resolution tends to be lower as the audience is normally further away from the LED screen than at an indoor event.


Stages and structures required

Rental LED screens comes in a variety of makes and models and the weight of the screens can vary a lot. Depending on the stage and structure that is used this might become a critical factor to keep in mind when you hire the LED screen.


Power usage

Event equipment in general uses a lot of electricity and this can also be the case with the LED screens. The newer LED screens tends to use less power but some of the older screens are not very efficient and uses a lot of power. The size, resolution and brightness of the screen also have an effect and needs to be taken into account when planning the event power.


Professional crew with the LED screen rental

Any equipment is only as good as the monkey driving it. Most LED screens nowadays are capable of very impressive graphics end visual effects. With the right Visual engineer the screen can go from a basic TV screen to a very impressive visual component at your event. With the years of experience that we have in the market we feel it is very important not to spare money on the right crew for the rental LED screen.


Please visit the Viser website to have a look at the different Types of LED screens available at the moment.

Virtual productions have a lot of experience in the LED screen rental and LED screen hire market so please feel free to contact us if you require any information.

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