Outdoor LED screens: The key to success for your outdoor event

Not only do outdoor LED screens provide one of the clearest and most visible forms of electronic display, but they give you a means to turn something that is small and confined into a publicly broadcast event for everyone to participate in.

Outdoor LED screen

Normally an outdoor event will mean that a large number of people are able to attend, but what this also means however is that people sitting or standing anywhere beyond the sixth row are going to start having the visual in front of them skewed, and by the time you get to the back row the people there aren’t able to see anything at all. This is where the outdoor LED screens comes into effect- you are able to project the image of what is happening on stage throughout whatever venue you are in- a garden, a stadium or even an entire field.


Through mobile outdoor LED Screen rental you are providing your audience with the highest form of accessibility and visibility to the event. As an event tool it will increase:

–       event participation

–       event enjoyment and appreciation

–       event profit

–       event promotion


There is another element to this kind of exposure: bringing your event to the audience instead of bringing the audience to you event. It is a completely new concept that has only been able to be born with the advancements of technology. But now, you can take pre-recorded events, promotional campaigns, live advertisements or even live feed from the actual event and display is on a mobile LED Screens – anywhere, anytime. Thereby increasing your exposure tenfold. The beauty of renting outdoor LED Screens is that they are not tied to one place and therefore don’t limit what you want to do and where you want to do it- you will be able to move them around to suit your event or brand and gain entry to all the people you want to influence.


Virtual Productions provides the rental and set-up of all indoor and outdoor LED Screens, and the use of the Screen is at your complete discretion- it can be for a public or private function, you can use it at a corporate affair or for an outdoor celebration. No matter what the weather Virtual Productions is able to provide you with a set-up and functioning LED screen in no time at all.


We provide:

–       Outdoor LED screens

–        Indoor LED screens

–        Self-contained whisper-quiet generator

–       Weather-proof outside display screen (suitable for day or night display, as well as rainy or sunny weather)

–       Basic AV playback equipment including DVD, Computer, VHS sources and Audio

–       Professional set-up and dismantling crew

–       Long-range live feed capabilities


Through the use of LED Screens you can permanently be rest assured that your event is meeting the eyes and needs of all those who are viewing or participating in it. These wonderful outdoor displays are not only effective but they are efficient, economical and profitable, giving your event the reach and the exposure it needs to take it to full success.





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