LED Dance Floor

Ever experienced the thrill of an LED dance floor? If you can’t seem to remember then your answer is most definitely that you have not! LED dance floors are one of the latest trends to hit the party and entertainment scene and create a memorable and unforgettable experience dancing the night away.  Technically this is what you are looking at: the LED dance floor is a tiled floor using advanced Polycarbonate Injection Molding techniques; within the flooring there are 256 SMD RGB LED pixels placed under two layers of tempered glass (specially treated to ensure safety and durability), with over 1000 lights flashing and shining through the glass, and a generation of 4096 colours with infinite sequences there is the creation of the most outstanding and enchanting displays. The displays from the LED flooring are not only limited to different coloured lights but can also include images, videos, text and graphic displays.

The set-up and use of the flooring is easy; with the quick connect module inter-connection system and simple wiring connections. The flooring is water resistant on both the top and underside (where the injection molded housing sits firmly on the ground). Therefore allowing your mobile dance floor to sit firmly in place for the evening while people bounce and jump around to the beat of the music.

LED dance floors have the ability to transform any space into something spectacular and diverse, adding a unique and fun touch to your event. The thrill of dancing in between and above such enchanting lights hypnotises people into a state of blitheness and joy; bouncing off the floor and off one another in a completely enrapped and jovial state. And all of this from a light up floor.

Don’t miss the opportunity to add this unique set-up to your event for the excitement and pleasure of everyone there.

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