The Team / Technical Support

When it comes to eventing it is always better to make use of professionals who know what they are doing and will be able to help you with your event in every single way that you require. When you can't manage to carry it out and organise it within your own capacity, this is the exact production crew that you are looking for. We understand that many people aren't happy to hand over the organisation of their event to just anyone, they want you to be assured of quality, we want to give your high-end results, and more than anything we want your event to be a success for you! That is why we are happy to present and provide you with the best and most qualified personnel when organising and implementing your event. Our production crew is made up of the most skilled and professional individuals who are capable of planning and running your event without a hitch.

Our team consists of:

– Sound engineers

– Lighting engineers

– AV engineers

– Riggers

– Production & project managers

– Setup & strike crew

– Technicians

– Videographers

– Photographers


The combination of knowledge and know-how makes this one of the sharpest and most efficient working teams in the production business, with each individual fulfilling a certain role that ensures that each level of your event will be covered. Allow our professional guarantee to guide you in your next event and let our crew transform your day into an impressive and enjoyable affair for all. To get hold of us with any query or request simply click on the “Contact Us” button.


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