Event planning

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Event Planning:


It always seems that when there is the planning of a big event coming up (i.e. your corporate year-end!) that needs your undivided time, focus and skill, you have about a hundred other things that are falling into your lap and never allow you the time to truly focus on what it is you want to do. No matter where you are in your life this is always going to be the case, life if never going to slow down to allow you to stop and give your event planning the full attention and detail it deserves.


Event planning will take hours away from your days – in order for an event to turn out successfully it requires time, connections and serious organisational skills. This is where we step in with our talent and expertise to execute the most effective and well-coordinated event for you. Whatever the occasion may be we have the people and know-how in place in order to create something that is not only magical to experience, but calculated, systematized and controlled from behind the scenes.

Within the event planning focus we include (among our many other functions):


–       design and sending out of invites to guests, as well as managing RSVP’s and booking confirmations

–       sourcing and confirming entertainment for the event

–       compiling menus/agendas/conference manuals etc.

–       organising equipment hire, getting it to and from the venue

–       sourcing lighting, flowers and décor for the event


Whatever the purpose of your event may be we will be able to deliver; our talented crew, stable connections and creative know-how gives us the edge and ability to transform your event into something you can participate in and enjoy. Our event planning ranges from sports days to weddings, to fundraisers and corporate proposals. So leave the stress of event planning behind and rather open yourself up to the possibility of having a precisionally planned and perfectly executed event done by us.

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