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#PRISMS2013 I love seeing my tweet on the screen!

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Virtual Productions was proud to be one of the sponsors of the 2013 Prism awards. As part of the audiovisual setup we supplied large LED screens that was used to display the social media at the event. The social media at the event was big success and we had great feedback from the attendants afterwards.

The Twitter feed was periodically shown on the screens next to the stage before and during the event. As people became aware of this you could see them taking out their mobile phones and getting involved with the conversation.

The hashtag that was used at the event was #prisms2013 but some people also used the tag #prism2013. For the display on the big screens we tracked both tags. In summary there was about 949 tweets around the event and the estimated reach was 342 640 individuals.

It will be great to get some feedback from the attendees on what they thought of this feature. Was it great, too distracting, too bright etc?

Request for Twitter report

After the event we had some requests from attendees to do a report on the social media that happened around the event. We are happy to make the following report available that was done for us by Tinman digital.  You can download the PDF version of the report by clicking on the except below.


Social media report

Social media report

Some of the tweets around the event


Video on Youtube.

For those that was unfortunate to miss out on the event we made the following video available to get an idea of what the display was like. Please note that this video was taken with a mobile device and the quality is not the greatest.

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