Sound and lighting – a key part of your event planning

If you are planning on organizing and pulling off your own event there are a few things that you should know. To plan an event doesn’t take a genius, anyone can do it, but you have to understand how much time and event planning it is going to take. There are many things that you will have to consider: Are you going to have live music? If so who is going to perform and how much are you going to pay them? Are you going to feed your guests? If so, what catering company will you use? Is your event going to take place inside or outside? Do you have your own lighting displays and sound equipment or are you going to have to consider sound and lighting hire? And so the questions go on…


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Event planning categories

When planning your event break your thoughts and needs down into three different categories:

  1. Practically: these are all those things you need to practically think about when planning- Where is the event going to take place? How many people are you catering for? What does the event entail (a show, live music, food etc.)? What kind of décor are you going to include? If the event is outside do you need to hire a tent or marquee?
  2. Technically: these are all those technical aspects of the event that you will have to outsource to get done. Who will do your sound and lighting? Are you going to need someone to engineer your event? What about a setup crew?
  3. Additions: these are all those little things that come to fruition after you have created the framework for you event. Will you need a security crew? Will you need medics at your event? A clean up crew? All these little add-ons generally come to light as you sort through the other two categories so keep an eye out for them as you make your way through your lists.


A great way to ensure that a job will be done is to outsource the work. Décor is something you feel you may be able to do on your own, but when you have so many other things you need to get done it is sometimes better to pay a little more money to get it done, and then you can be absolutely sure it is sorted, and sorted by a professional. Sound and lighting is something you have to acknowledge that you can’t do on your own and you definitely have to bring another person or company’s expertise. Sound and lighting not only requires specific equipment (that should be well-suited to your event) but it also requires the knowledge for setup and handling.


Events take time and planning, how many times have you attended something where you’ve thought: “If only they had included this” or “I can’t believe they forgot to add this”? Think about these things for you own event, and ensure that people are getting the best experience they possibly can do to your organisation and preparation.

Have a look at the following article for some more sound and lighting tips.

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