Sound equipment hire for a live music or theatrical event

When organizing and show casing a live musical event the very first thing you need to consider is your sound and audio quality. The whole point of an event of this nature is to give people the opportunity to experience the performer’s music live for themselves, therefore the quality of what they are hearing needs to be the best it possibly can be. And it is your responsibility to ensure that this happens. One aspect that you really need to look at is the sound equipment hire

The nature of the equipment and sound you will need to rent will be everything that falls part of a Sound Reinforcement System. This SRS is a combination of microphones, signal processors, mixers, amplifiers and loudspeakers. A setup of this nature allows for sound to be amplified to a large and vast audience, while still maintaining its musical integrity. The system doesn't only have to operate as only an amplifier either, if controlled and engineered by the right people it can also be used to enhance the music that is being performed on stage.

The Sound Reinforcement System is a general term for any setup of this nature, in other words it doesn't have to be for a concert where 1000’s of people attend and the SRS features hundreds of each of these equipment elements, nor does is it confined to a small system with one mic, two speakers and a mixer. The SRS refers to a sound setup of any size, from a mass concert in the park to a small PA System for public announcements. The whole idea is that is a system that reinforces sound by making it louder and allowing it to be distributed to a wider audience.

In order to understand what size sound equipment hire you will need for your event you need to understand all the other factors that go with it: how many people will be performing?- this will determine the number of mics you need. How big is your audience going to be?- having a larger crowd doesn't mean that you can simply increase the volume on your amplifiers, you will need to bring in more sound equipment to create a more distributed and even sound. What kind of an area will they be performing in?- some spaces harness and amplify sound naturally (rounded arenas) while others dampen the sound and don’t carry it (like large outdoor venues). Questions like these will help you determine what kind of an sound equipment you will need to hire for you event.

Whatever your needs may be you either have to have a full knowledge of the technical and practical applications of sound and sound equipment or you will need to bring in a professional who has this type of knowledge on tap. Sound hire and usage is a complex and technical procedure, whatever you are planning for your event remember that the audio quality is the very first aspect you need to secure, and then move forward with your event accordingly.

Virtual Productions specializes in sound equipment hire and rentals throughout South Africa. We service all the major cities in South Africa including Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Bloemfontein.

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