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When planning your next event there are of course so many things that you need to take into account. Some of the aspects of the event you are going to be able to do yourself, while others are going to require you to outsource outside help. As it goes with events, all the technical aspects of the day will have to be covered by a professional. It is just one of those things where someone with a sound knowledge and the practiced sound hire capabilities has to get the job done for you.


FBL Line array - Sound hire


The areas where you need to consider outsourcing are in: sound production and lighting production. Both these aspects of an event require professional setup and coordination before the time and throughout the duration of the event. There is something very specific and calculated about what a sound technician or engineer is capable of doing. Event Production companies has specialist sound equipment, sound technicians and sound engineers. They also have years of event production experience and have seen most of the problems you will encounter with event equipment.


You will not only require them at the beginning of an event but you will also need them to remain at your event for it’s running time in order to monitor and control the sound levels. A sound engineer is there to ensure that every aspect of your sound needs are looked after throughout the event, it is a matter of technical control and mastery.

Sound hire is not only important in the sense that you get a sound engineer to oversee your event, but you also get your choice of sound equipment when it comes to filling your space appropriately. Event production companies or individuals who rent you the sound will have an apt knowledge of what each speaker system and sound control systems is capable of doing and will let you know what you would need for your space. A good company will be honest and frank with you, not making you hire more than you require and giving you the best possible equipment for your money. You must remember when practicing sound hire that it could be worth your while to get the company that is helping you to do a site check before you or they decide what will suit the event best. An area or space is a huge determinant in what kind of sound you will need and how you will place it to take advantage of the optimum acoustics at the venue. If your venue is outside you also need to think about sound restrictions and how to keep the volume contained. Knowledgeable sound technicians and rental companies will definitely be able to help you with this regard.


It is also important to establish how you would like to set up the event before you do a site check, you might find that where you would like to set up the speaker podium has no plug points, so that particular space doesn’t work. There are a number of things to think about when planning your event, even just involving the sound equipment and sound hire.


You have to consider who you are hiring to do your sound and what you will require of them, establish a good and solid relationship and you will be able to use them time and time again, consistently providing you with quality sound equipment and therefore consistently contributing to the overall success of your event.


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