Virtual Productions launch London LED screen rental

Virtual Productions is proud to announce its entry into the London LED screen rental market. It is entering the London LED screen rental market in partnership with AV Projections who has been in the London event production business for a number of years.

London LED Screen rental

The first product that will be available in London is a P4 LED screen that is currently available for rent in London. The LED screen is offered for indoor rental and because of the high pitch the screen is ideal for events where there is limited space. The LED screen provided is the first of a number of LED screen products that will be provided to the London event production market over the next couple of months. The screens will be available for dry hire in London or any other venues in Europe. The focus for the initiative will be on the London LED screen rental market and not for LED screen sales or fixed installations.

The LED screen will be offered to event production companies, event management companies, event planners or anyone that would like to make use of LED screens at their event.

Virtual Productions is an event production company based in South Africa. It manufactures its own event production equipment and provides event production services across South Africa and surrounding countries.

AV Projections is totally focussed and specific to Event Productions in London and Europe; it does not get involved with sales, maintenance, permanent installations or anything that will be a distraction from event productions.




Leonard Cremer (6 Posts)

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